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Pino Toys wooden toys, Elfi baby equipment and BigBamBoo products are our brands which represent the essence of our commitment and the basic values of the company Jamax M. Pino wooden toys enable children to be closer to nature, to grow and develop in a peaceful, stimulating and creative environment. Spontaneously and through play, to develop many abilities and knowledge (senso-motoric, cognitive, emotional, moral, social and speech development). The Elfi range of baby products comprises bottles, teats, eating utensils, and baby care and safety products as well as breast-feeding products. BigBamBoo brand represents the idea of ecological approach to children’s and adults utensils.
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Pino toys are traditional wooden toys that open up the world of children’s creativity and imagination, trigger curiosity and enable the development of children’s intellectual, emotional and social abilities. They are very important for the development of motor skills, logic and intelligence in early childhood.


Pino toys do not motivate and inspire only children to play, but also our entire team to create new products and build their own “Pino World” with great enthusiasm and commitment. We are very proud of the products with our design, such as the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet letter puzzles.

The Pino-NTC toys and the cooperation with Doctor Ranko Rajović, the creator of the NTC Learning System, which aims to increase children’s intellectual and functional knowledge, have a special place in our range.

Pino toys all meet aesthetic, pedagogical, hygiene and health, and safety criteria. They are made in line with local regulations and are compliant with European EN71 standard for toy safety.

Catalogue 2019

Pino-NTC leaflet

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Elfi is a trade mark of the company Jamax M, developed with the wish to be an integral part of the time spent feeding, caring, having fun with and calming a baby, like a mother’s warm embrace.


It comprises products intended for mothers and babies, made in line with European standards, which meet highly strict quality and safety criteria.

Safety and functionality are topped off with a modern and suitable design.

As implied by the meaning, Elfi brings the attractiveness, charm and energy of the good elf. Therefore Elfi is close to its meaning in appearance. The colour and design are cheerful, and fills baby and parents with joy.

Catalogue 2020.

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BigBamBoo is a brand of bamboo products for children and adults. Brand range includes cups, bowls, snack boxes and baby and children’s feeding sets. All BigBamBoo products are made from bamboo and natural, eco, raw materials that are completely biodegradable and safe for man and environment. They represent the idea of a relationship between man and nature, as well as the responsibility to the world that surrounds us. Catalogue 2020.

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.

Angela Schwindt